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Alumni National Awards

JacksonsAlumni of the Year Award
Terry Hall Jackson, Nurs ’87, and Darren R. Jackson, Bus Ad ’86  
Saint Paul, Minn.

Terry and Darren Jackson took very different paths to Marquette. She was a fourth-generation legacy, while he was a first-generation college student. But when Terry administered the Eucharist to Darren at a Gesu Sunday Mass, he knew she was the girl for him.

AndersonProfessional Achievement Award
Harvey J. Anderson, II, Eng ’84 
Piedmont, Calif.

A self-described “wild child” growing up in Washington, D.C., Harvey Anderson says his time at Marquette changed his life’s trajectory, providing what he calls “a platform to develop the confidence to excel and contribute.” He has done just that with his successful career in tech-industry law and with his commitment to mentor and connect students who seek to do the same.

KastenService Award
Craig R. Kasten, Bus Ad ’75
Mequon, Wis.

When his first venture achieved some “nice success,” entrepreneur Craig Kasten was excited: Finally, he could become a financial supporter of Marquette University men’s basketball. It was one among many of his service and philanthropic endeavors, making a positive impact locally and globally. “For me,” he says, “living the Marquette mission means finding a way to say, ‘Yes, I can help with that.’”

AjmelsSpirit of Marquette Award
Jill E. Rauh, Comm ’02, and Ajmel A. Quereshi, Arts ’03
Takoma Park, Md.

Jill Rauh, a devout Catholic, and Ajmel Quereshi, a Muslim, met through a student group devoted to justice issues. They soon discovered their similarities — including a shared commitment to advancing social justice, civil rights and a more equitable society — greatly outweighed their differences.

PosnerFriend of the University Award
Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation
Milwaukee, Wis.

From his days as a law student, Gene Posner, Law ’36, embraced the concept of pro bono publico — “for the public good.” Today, the Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation continues to profoundly influence the Law School’s pro bono activities, enabling students to make a difference for people on society’s margins.



Alumni National Awards

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April 22 -24, 2021

Marquette University sets aside one special weekend to honor distinguished alumni from every college and school who represent the heart, soul and spirit of Marquette.



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