Joy in connections

Mary Lou Neugent HeadshotGreetings, Marquette alums, and thank you for connecting with the MUAA alumni site.

Like so many of you, my connections to Marquette span years and run deep. In August of 1969, I moved into O'Donnell Hall, and I hit the jackpot! The girl-friendships I found during the first days at O'D were a blessing in my life and sustained me throughout my time at Marquette. I am happy to say that these friendships are still going strong to this day. I was also very fortunate to have met my husband at Marquette, and as our career goals evolved and our family grew, we moved to central Iowa. The Marquette connection came with us!

It has been a joy to be an advocate in service to Marquette. Over the years, I have happily answered the call to connect with prospective students via personal visits, high school visits, college fairs, and phone calls. Encouraging alums to re-connect via class reunions has allowed me to meet and work with amazing and dedicated alums from across the country — maybe even a few of you reading this. As a family, we have hosted the Summer Send-Off picnic connecting new students, their families, and fellow alums, too. Maybe all that MU connectivity in our home is what guided our two children to say YES to Marquette, making us a proud Marquette Alumni Family!

Your MUAA proudly represents more than 115,000 alumni worldwide, and the opportunities to connect and support our great university are boundless. Our alumni are important spokes of the wheel that makes Marquette GO. It is my privilege, then, as president of the MUAA Board of Directors, to invite you to explore these alumni resources, and stay connected to MU via the many events and benefits found within this MUAA site.

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• Join Marquette Career Network, Marquette's official global online community, facilitating career-related conversations between current students and alumni, parents and friends.
Get involved with your local alumni club and/or one of several interest-based chapters.
• Check out the full list of alumni benefits.
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As men and women for and with others, we are called to serve in our homes, our communities, and in the global world. I encourage you to say YES to opportunities to serve, wherever you may be! Go boldly, Alums, connect with your communities and the world and remember - wherever the path leads you, the Marquette family is there for you.

We are all connected. We are ALL Marquette!

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Mary Lou (Harmon) Neugent, Arts '73
Marquette University Alumni Association
National Board of Directors