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  • MUAA Board members with students
    Our Purpose
    Develop a passionate community of Marquette alumni in support of the university and each other
  • Group photo of alumni in the AMU celebrating an EOP event
    Passionate advocacy
    Serve as an ambassador for Marquette, working to increase the university’s visibility and reputation among alumni
  • MUAA board members prepare food at the Marquette University Neighborhood Kitchen
    Leading by example
    Help advance the mission and goals of Marquette's university’s strategic projects and causes


Our Purpose
Develop a passionate community of Marquette alumni in support of the university and each other.

The MUAA National Board of Directors assembles to offer counsel and support to Marquette University on issues and initiatives with an alumni focus. National Board members share a passion for Marquette, serve as active and engaged alumni role models, and empower and motivate fellow alumni to connect in innovative and meaningful ways with the university.

Guiding Principles

  • Continuous learning
  • Inclusivity of all people
  • Finding God in all things
  • Lifetime alumni relationships
  • Excellence, faith, leadership, service
Our Marquette alumni family continues to grow with each graduating class. As women and men for and with others, Marquette alumni are leaders in life who lift those around them. By exploring this website, you will be able to unleash the many lifelong benefits as a member of the Marquette University Alumni Association."William “Bill” Krueger President, Marquette University Alumni Association National Board of Directors.



MUAA National Board of Directors


William “Bill” Krueger, Eng ’87
Brentwood, TN

Vice President/ President-elect
Mary Lou Neugent, Arts ’73
Des Moines, IA

Immediate Past President
Monica Oliver, Sp ’81
Chagrin Falls, OH


Javier Alvarez, Eng ’93
Milwaukee, WI

Patricia “Trisha” Connolly, Arts ’07
New York, NY

Paul Manghera, Bus Ad ’82
Tinley Park, IL


April Ariola, Comm ’92, Grad ’93
Chandler, AZ

Marissa Delgado, Comm ’00
Chicago, IL

Patricia McGowan, Arts ’84, Law ’89
Milwaukee, WI


Clare Bingham, Nursing Student
Milwaukee, WI

Marilynn Gardner, Jour ’88
Chicago, IL

Catherine “Cathy” Powers, Nurs ’81
Kirkwood, MO


Nicholas “Nick” Brescia, Arts ’06
Oak Park, IL

Ronald "Ron" Giordan, Comm ’96
Madison, WI

Swatidevi “Swati” Joshi, Comm ’94
Alpharetta, GA


Alycia Broz, Bus Ad ’93
Columbus, OH

Aleisha Jaeger, Eng ’03
Winfield, IL

Ivan Rojo, Arts and Sciences Student Milwaukee, WI


Laura Carley, Bus Ad ’07
Leawood, KS

Lee Ann Jorgenson, Comm ‘95
Minneapolis, MN











MUAA National Board of Directors Nomination Recommendation

We look to our National Board members to advise, advocate, serve as ambassadors, envision the future and be the alumni conscience. Do you know anyone who has a passion for Marquette – someone who would thrive working as part of an innovative and results-oriented group? 

Nominate an alum for the MUAA National Board of Directors

To help you better understand our current expectations for National Board members, please read the job description and the board of directors background below.

MUAA National Board of Directors Job Description and Responsibilities

The Marquette University Alumni Association (MUAA) Director is elected to a two-year term, with the possibility of a second two-year term. The director serves as an advisor to the university and advocates for alumni interests. An MUAA Director also is expected to promote Marquette University and its alumni association in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of the university.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador for Marquette University, working to increase the university’s visibility and reputation among alumni, prospective students and their families, business and industry, and the wider community.
  • Advise the university as a representative of the alumni voice. Evaluate and offer feedback and perspective to Alumni Engagement staff on programs and services offered to alumni.
  • Lead by example and make an annual Presidents Society-level gift ($2,500 or more; less for young alumni depending on graduating year) in support of university priorities or other giving areas that are personally meaningful.
  • Help secure financial support for the university (transformational gifts, annual gifts, sponsorships, gifts-in-kind) by working closely with University Advancement staff.
  • Facilitate connections with influencers who can help advance the mission and goals of Marquette University, advocating for the university’s strategic projects and causes in collaboration with University Advancement staff.
  • Attend and actively engage in MUAA National Board meetings (three per year) and assigned committee meetings.
  • Attend local and/or regional Alumni Association events as an enthused and engaged alumnus(a) who encourages deep connection with the university among fellow alumni.

MUAA National Board of Directors Background and Roles

The Marquette University Alumni Association has existed formally since 1893. For most of the time since, the National Board of Directors has guided the MUAA activities. Naturally, the organization and shape of the board has evolved over time, but it has consistently involved alumni volunteers dedicated to giving back to a university that made them who they are, and gave them the knowledge and talents to shape their and the greater world. As recently as September, 2009, the board revisited and restated its role, and articulated its directors’ job responsibilities (job description attached).

Focus of MUAA National Board directors
The job of our directors is to focus at the 10,000 foot level to keep sight of the broader reach of MUAA programs and services. And while our directors’ affiliation with particular college or interest-based alumni boards or regions of the country makes up part of who they are and contributes to their perspective, we don’t want directors to restrict their thinking to what things mean to only a segment of the alumni community. We want to focus board directors on high-level thinking, and get their direction on issues that reach across all segments.

Roles of MUAA National Board directors

  • Advisor: The MUAA National Board of Directors is an advisory body. Its long history has seen many roles come and go, but its purpose has never shifted off the foundation that alumni advice and input is crucial to our success in engaging our alumni. It is a corps of talented, dedicated stakeholders to help us make our efforts the most targeted, the most effective, they can be. Through their own academic experience and professional expertise, our directors can make our MUAA plans better. Their feedback is actively sought.
  • Advocate: Every great organization needs leaders and champions. Marquette is no different and we look at our National Board directors as such. Marquette Alumni Engagement staff likes to think that their word counts heavily in vouching for Marquette programs. However, staff gets paid to advocate on behalf of MU. Volunteers don’t!
  • Ambassador: When volunteers step up to advocate for MU, or speak on behalf of a university program, they do what staff cannot. We count on our directors to be door openers, in their local communities and their professional circles, and with their friends and others. When Marquette is able to enlist volunteers onto the host committee for a CIRCLES event, for instance, we are attracting more people, and showing the importance alumni have in the Marquette community. Volunteers are opening doors for Marquette. And in this way, volunteers bring a dimension to our work that gives Marquette a distinct advantage.
  • Visionary: While together we can devise and execute plans to engage our alumni, directors can and should be drawing on their expertise to guide us into the future, helping us always to be ahead of the curve, providing us a competitive advantage over all the other organizations and causes that vie for our constituents’ attention.
  • Alumni conscience: A key role is keeping us all honest and accountable to the purpose, guiding principles, goals, and the agreed-upon strategic initiatives. Large boards can drift off target of what is most important. As our conscience, this group – each individual director – is charged with keeping us on target.



Pedro Arrupe Award

About the Pedro Arrupe Award

The Pedro Arrupe Award honors an outstanding junior who has shown exemplary service to Marquette and beyond. Nominees and recipients have provided significant leadership in community service and have been advocates for those in need. All nominations will be reviewed by the MUAA National Board of Directors Awards Committee.

2021-22 Recipient:
Laice A. Perry



For more information about the MUAA National Board of Directors, contact Sarah Burkhart, Bus Ad '03, Grad '12, executive director of the alumni association, at or (414) 288-3959.