Clubs and Chapters

The MUAA offers more than 40 clubs and chapters across the globe, and they are always looking for new members. Please contact the Alumni Association at or (800) 344-7544 to learn more.

Club and Chapter Events
All regional and on-campus events can be found on the main MUAA event calendar.

Regional U.S. Clubs
Connect with a regional alumni club in your area.

International Clubs
Connect with an internationl alumni club in your area.

Interest-based Chapters

College-based Chapters
Visit our College-based Chapters webpage for details.

Help with Admissions efforts
For information on how alumni can volunteer with admissions efforts, please contact Marquette's Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) 222-6544.

Regional Alumni Club Scholarships
Support students in your area by making a gift to to any of our regional club scholarships.