Entrepreneurial Award

MayhoodDavid R. Mayhood, Eng ’67
Arlington, Va.

As president of the Mayhood Company, a condominium sales and marketing firm, David Mayhood enjoys using his creative talents and marketing experience to create successful condominium communities. “At this point in my career, I am doing some of my best work in challenging times with an awesome group of people,” he says.

David enjoys staying involved with Marquette and recently sponsored Andy Hunt, Vieth Director of the Center for Real Estate, and a group of Marquette students to attend the Urban Land Institute’s annual meeting, an opportunity for them to gather real world insights into real estate and finance. Attending with the Marquette group was a “rewarding and satisfying experience for me as well,” David says.

Looking back, he chose to attend Marquette for the rigor of a Jesuit education, the reputation of the engineering school, and the fact that Milwaukee was “far enough away from my home in Rochester, Minn., to allow for individual development,” he says.

While at Marquette, David was involved in many organizations on campus, but one of his favorite Marquette memories is attending—as a member of the cheerleading squad—the finals of the NIT at Madison Square Garden in New York City on St. Patrick’s Day 1967. Marquette played Southern Illinois in a thrilling game that did not end as Mayhood hoped. “Unfortunately, Southern Illinois had a guard — Walt Frazier — who shot the lights out in the second half and won the game,” David remembers.

David views success as achieving results despite difficult circumstances and collaborating with others in the process. “Life is really the journey,” he says, “and not so much reaching the destination.”

Fun Facts:

Name someone (past or present) with whom you’d like to have dinner.
Al McGuire, of course. If would be fun to hear again his wonderful perspectives on life delivered with that stubborn Irish personality and New York jargon.

Name a Marquette faculty member who had an impact on you.
Father John McAvoy was a favorite leader of the annual small group student retreats. He was able to provide spiritual insights mixed with Irish humor. It was always a treat.


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