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Arts and Sciences Award Recipients


AlexanderDr. Troy A. Alexander, Grad ’00
Federalsburg, Md.

As a Marquette graduate student, Troy made a discovery about DNA measurement techniques that was so notable, it was featured in scientific publications — something many researchers only dream about. One such publication was the trade journal, Physics Today, which became an even more significant achievement given the fact that Troy wasn’t a physicist.

Troy’s remarkable discovery set a precedent for innovations he would go on to realize for the U.S. Army. He has used his scientific expertise to improve national security initiatives. As Chief of the Technology Forecasting Office for the Army Research Laboratory, Troy pursues and develops technological advancements designed to improve war-fighting capabilities and defense measures for the U.S. Army and its partners. Most recently, he developed a methodology to predict scientific developments that could impact operations for combat and non-combat missions.

“Working at the leading edge of technological understanding to facilitate national security goals has been both intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding,” he says.

Troy believes his research at Marquette and the guidance he received from Dr. Chieu Tran gave him the broad technical foundation he needed to succeed in modern science. He strives to live out Marquette’s mission daily, particularly through his mentorship of West Point cadets and other young scientists and engineers.

Fun Fact:
In 2017, Troy and his three adolescent sons started a cattle production business on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.