Sing, Move and Shake: An interactive online MUSIC TOGETHER® session for children ages 0-5


Presented by Kristen Fischer, Comm ’01, Grad ’09

Join us for a highly interactive, parent/caregiver-and-child music class focused on helping children fully appreciate music, match pitch, find rhythm and have FUN! This basic level of music competence is the springboard for success in future formal musical instruction. During this session your child will get a taste of music of all kinds, learn to move and shake and express him/herself through music. And parents/caregivers will have a blast, engaging with your littles in new and creative musical play.  While we cannot safely meet in person, the online format has proven to provide the same outstanding cognitive, social/emotional benefits as in-person classes. 

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Preparation for the class:
Create a special “event” out of music class! Announce to your child(ren), “Today we’re going to music class!” and set up a blanket on the floor with a few stuffed animals and any child-friendly musical instruments you may have. Try to have class in an area of your house that’s not full of your child’s favorite toys – the fewer distractions, the better!  We’ll be using “rhythm sticks” for class – but that can be two wooden spoons, two sticks you found on a nature walk, two wooden blocks, or even just your two hands for clapping – ANYTHING you can bang together. Some of the songs you may recognize, but many will be new to you.  YOUR participation, as the grown-up, is the most important factor in your child’s engagement during class. We know children learn best by modeled behavior – if you’re having fun, they will too! 

Kristen Fischer, Comm ’01, Grad ’09, is a proud Marquette Communication and Theatre graduate with a Master’s Certificate in Leadership. After performing professionally in Milwaukee’s downtown theatre circuit and working in the nonprofit fundraising field for 10 years, she and her husband, Douglas, decided to start a family. She put her career on hold and was a full-time stay at home mom to her three young children. Kristen continued to find opportunities to sing through her parish and with the Milwaukee Food and City Tours Holiday Lights and Caroling tours but after the birth of her third child, Kristen decided to combine her passion for singing and her love of community engagement in a new endeavor: Music Together North Shore. She successfully completed her Music Together teacher training in the Fall of 2016 and began Music Together North Shore in January 2017.  She is also the Children's Choir Director at Three Holy Women Parish and the Music Teacher at Community Preschool of Whitefish Bay.



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