Expecting the Unexpected: Resilience Coping Strategies for Today’s Unpredictable Environment


Presented by Dr. Emily Mazzulla, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology, Marquette University; and Marquette Director of SWIM (Scaling Wellness in Milwaukee) Collaboration and Innovation

Trauma and stress can be very subjective. The same event for two different people, in simplistic terms, can be traumatic and stressful for one and not for the other. A traumatic or stressful event threatens our sense of safety and challenges our ability to cope. The current COVID-19 pandemic can be described as a collective traumatic event. Dr. Emily Mazzulla, clinical professor of psychology in the Klingler College of Arts Sciences and the director of SWIM collaboration and innovation, will share more about resilience coping strategies for predictable and unpredictable times.

More about this session

Dr. Emily Mazzulla is a licensed clinical psychologist, a clinical assistant professor in the psychology department at Marquette University and the Marquette Director of SWIM Collaboration and Innovation. Dr. Mazzulla’s clinical and research interests are in trauma and resilience. She is also the author of the new children’s book, School in the Time of the Coronavirus, which helps children and families build resilience in this time of transition. Dr. Mazzulla lives with her husband and three children.

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