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ChonesJames B. Chones, Arts ’73
Beachwood, Ohio

In his unmistakable voice, Al McGuire told Jim Chones’s father, “If Jimmy does what I tell him to, he’ll be a pro.” Jim’s dreams of playing professional basketball did indeed come true. The Marquette men’s basketball team provided the foundation for Jim’s successful NBA career playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, culminating in an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1980. Since his retirement from the NBA in 1982, Jim has worked as a sports analyst for the Cavaliers and recently became a partner in CyberAthletix Sports Digital Technology Co.

Taking after Al McGuire, Jim’s favorite part of his work is being able to tell stories and teach. He says the most gratifying thing about his work has been the opportunity to have a voice. As an announcer, he gets to teach people about the game and tell stories about what makes basketball so great.

In the Ignatian tradition of service, Jim values opportunities to give back to his community and help others. He serves as the president of the Cleveland chapter of The National Basketball Retired Players Association. In this role, Jim helped to secure a grant to partner with NEON (Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services) and the Cleveland Clinic to offer behavioral modification programs for the city of Cleveland. Programming will focus on Cleveland’s youth who have been traumatized by their circumstances of living in poverty.

Jim credits Marquette with giving him the foundation to develop relationships that have stayed with him his entire life. He is proud to have a Marquette legacy in one of his daughters, Kareeda Chones Aguam, Comm '98, who also followed his footsteps in the NBA. She is currently Senior Vice President of Partner Strategy and Management for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Name someone (past or present) you’d like to have dinner with.
Toni Morrison

What is one of your favorite Marquette memories?
The brawl at South Carolina in 1972

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