Alumni National Awards


TracyBenjamin S. Tracy, Comm ’98, Grad ’04
Los Angeles, Calif

As the senior national and environmental correspondent for CBS News, Ben Tracy is among Marquette’s most visible alumni. Instead of focusing on his own career and success, however, Ben views his role as a journalist as that of a servant-leader, providing reliable information to help people better understand the world and make informed decisions.

Ben’s job affords him opportunities to travel around the world and meet national and global leaders. What he values most are the opportunities to learn new things and share his knowledge and blessings to help others. He currently reports on the environment and climate change, one of the most important world issues. With much misinformation available, Ben takes seriously his responsibility to report ethically about issues and policies affecting climate change.

From his first campus tour, Ben noticed the transformative community at Marquette and wanted to be part of it. Dr. Karen Slattery, Ben’s advisor in broadcasting, helped him become a stronger writer and emphasized the importance of ethics in reporting. Ben also fondly recalls his time living at the Les Aspin Center in Washington, D.C. and working as an intern at the White House, especially sharing the experience with other Marquette students who were inspired by politics and working for change.

Ben values opportunities to give back to Marquette, sharing his time and talent over the years as an employee and as a member of the Board of Trustees. The James T. Tiedge Memorial Award is given to a person who exemplifies “integrity and conscience,” two principles instilled deeply for Ben during his tenure as a student and ones that continue to guide him daily.

Name someone (past or present) with whom you’d like to have dinner.
James Madison. He wrote about the danger of factions and seemed to see how our political system could lead to extreme polarization. I would love to get his take on where the country is at now and see if he had any advice on how to improve things.

Share something interesting you’re currently involved with in your community/personally.
Since I started covering climate change and the environment a year ago, I have been seeking out nonprofits focused on combating climate change and reducing waste, especially in local communities.

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