Alumni National Awards


ShiffmanAndy J. Shiffman, Law ’09
Chicago, Ill.

As Priority Sports’ Executive Vice President of Basketball Representation, Andy Shiffman has a career that many people would envy — working daily with professional athletes. For Andy, the best part is building strong relationships with people he considers family, mirroring one of the tenets of his Marquette Law School education: cura personalis.

Andy credits his Marquette legal education with helping him help others. He says, “Whenever possible, I try to put other people first. There is no more rewarding feeling than helping others achieve their goals, dreams, and accomplishments, even if that means sacrificing my own priorities and time.”

In addition to his career, Andy prioritizes mentoring in other areas of his life, giving back to the Marquette community as a member of the National Sports Law Institute’s Board of Advisors. He also volunteers with iMentor in Chicago, mentoring high school students as they finish high school and transition into their freshman year of college.

The Marquette mission taught Andy the value and importance of living each day in the most ethical way possible. Andy recalls “a collaborative environment, which only encouraged and motivated me to be the best version of myself, aligning myself with the morals, values, and philosophies Marquette sets as the standard by which to live one’s life.”

Andy says he measures his success with a simple formula: “If I go to sleep each night knowing I lived the day honestly and in alignment with my own morals and values, regardless of the outcome, I consider that a successful day.”

Name someone (past or present) you’d like to have dinner with.
Larry David.

What is the Marquette class you remember most? Why?
Contracts — I had a great professor (Anzivino), it was my first class in which I was called on using the Socratic method, and all of my close friends in school were in that class with me simultaneously.

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