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Be the Difference

Opus College of Engineering Award Recipients


JaegerAleisha Palaniuk Jaeger, Eng ’03
Winfield, Ill.

Aleisha still remembers her first visit to Marquette. “It immediately felt like home. My dad will tell you to this day, there was no negotiating on where I was going to go,” she says. That decision shaped her life.

Today, as director of Project Engineering for North America at Kerry Inc., Aleisha feels that success comes from constantly growing personally and professionally. “Never stop being curious or asking questions. Don’t be afraid of not having the answers or of a challenge. These things were engrained in me at Marquette, and I live them every day,” she says.

Though her career has taken her from developer, to contractor, to owner and given her the unique career experience of being on many sides of project management and construction, one thing has always remained the same. “From the very first project to the most recent, I am still fascinated by the collaboration of the people and process and love the opportunities to solve challenges,” she says. 

Marquette’s mission of service has also become part of her daily life. A participant in the Marquette Mentor program for five years and a member of the Marquette Young Alumni Leadership Council, Aleisha is also currently board secretary of the Chicago chapter of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Executive Women), which works to advance the power and success of women in the industry.

With two young daughters at home, Aleisha strives to live the Marquette example for them as well. “As a mom, I’m not sure you ever know if the things we’re doing are right, but I do believe they have been brought up with the strength to be genuine and hearts to be kind, empathetic and giving, and I couldn’t be more proud of who they are growing to up to become.” 

Fun Fact:

Various colleagues have given her the nickname ‘Marge,’ after former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, due to her hard-driving approach to getting things done.