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COVID-19:  A Public Health Approach

SEPT. 1, 2020 to JAN. 1, 2021

ECourse Type: Self-paced, online
Time commitment: 7 modules total; 3-4 hours per module
Prerequisites: None

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Presented by the following Marquette faculty members:

Joseph Byonanebye Erin Hoekstra Laurieann Klockow
Joseph Byonanebye
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Erin Hoekstra
Assistant Professor
Social and Cultural Sciences
Laurieann Klockow
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Sciences

Course Description
This course takes a multidisciplinary approach to examine COVID-19 from biological, epidemiological, social, policy, and ethical perspectives.  Through video lectures, participants will have opportunities to hear from various faculty experts from diverse fields to understand the spread of COVID-19, its impact on society, and the public health response.  Participants will interpret new information about COVID-19 using the principles of public health, medicine, epidemiology, media literacy, and social science while applying a social justice lens. Although the course utilizes information specific to COVID-19, participants will be able to identify effective approaches to prepare and control possible future pandemics of a similar nature.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Integrate biological, epidemiological, social, and ethical perspectives into a multidisciplinary understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Evaluate the political responses of different governments to the pandemic and their public health and socioeconomic impact.
  3. Identify strategies that could be used to prevent or respond to a future pandemic.
  4. Analyze and evaluate news and social media about COVID-19 for currency, reliability, accuracy, bias, and purpose.

Module Descriptions
Module 1: Biology of COVID-19
Module 2: Diagnostic Testing and Prevention
Module 3: Epidemiology of COVID-19
Module 4: Containment and Mitigation
Module 5: Health System and Policy
Module 6: Health Disparities and Social Inequality
Module 7: Looking Ahead and Preparing for the Next Pandemic

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Make a gift to Bridge to the Future fund to help students facing unanticipated expenses