Summer Send-off hosts create a warm and welcoming Marquette experience for incoming freshmen in their hometown. We appreciate your willingness to give your time and contributions for new Marquette families. Because of you, Marquette extends far beyond the reach of campus.

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What is a Summer Send-off?
A Summer Send-off is an opportunity to welcome local incoming freshmen and their parents to the Marquette family. It is a great chance for these students to get to know each other before they arrive on campus. It’s the beginning of a support system that eases the anxiety of leaving home and heading off to college life. Parents, too, can build a network with local parents and alumni in the area.

Who is included?
The Marquette University team will extend an email invitation to incoming freshmen and their parents on your behalf. Current students and local alumni may also be included if you wish.

Where should I host my Summer Send-off?
The reception may be your home, a local park, a restaurant or another suitable venue of your choosing. Over the years, Summer Send-offs have taken many shapes including a pizza party, pot luck, country club reception, dessert bar, and more -- feel free to get creative!

When should I host my Summer Send-off?
We recommend hosting your event sometime between Thursday, July 20, 2017, and Thursday, August 10, 2017. You choose the date, which can be a weekend or a week night.

Can I get tax credit for the cost of hosting my Summer Send-off?
Hosts provide the location for the event and cover the cost of hospitality (food and drink, etc.). All receipts can be submitted to the university for tax deductible in-kind gift credit. To receive tax credit, return the form included in the party pack you will receive from Marquette.

Who sends the invitation?
Marquette University will invite students on your behalf via an email invitation followed up by phone calls and social media posts. If you also would like to invite local alumni and current students, Marquette will include them on the email invitation list. As the host, you are welcome to assist in outreach if you wish.

Who collects event registrations?
Marquette University will collect registration information for your reception; we will be in regular communication with you to update you with guest lists and the number of attendees so you can plan accordingly.

Direct any questions to the Marquette University Alumni Association at (414) 288-7441 or