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KublyBillie Ann Kubly

Billie’s mantra always has been “make a difference, even if only for one person.” That lesson was brought to her doorstep in 2003 when her youngest son died from the disease of depression. Soon after, she and her husband launched the Charles E. Kubly Foundation to make a difference for those affected by depression and suicide.

Along with being a mother to her seven children, Billie has volunteered throughout her life. “After Charlie’s death, mental health became my passion and mission to make a difference, and I will continue with that mission as long as I am able,” she says.

Billie’s association with Marquette began when her late husband Michael was admitted to what was then Marquette Medical College one year after they were married. “I did my part by being active in the Medical Wives Association, serving on the board and singing in productions put on by the medical students.”

Today, her association with Marquette continues. Through a generous $5 million donation, Billie and Michael helped launch the Charles E. Kubly Mental Health Research Center, which provides seed funding to the biomedical scientists researching mental health, including depression. Billie also serves on the college’s Leadership Council.

That philanthropy was just the beginning of the Kubly’s legacy throughout the community. They also established the Charles E. Kubly Psychiatric Chair at the Medical College of Wisconsin. At Rogers Memorial Hospital, they created the Charles E. Kubly Education Center and the Charles E. Kubly Focus Center, a residential treatment facility for young adults with depression and mood disorders. The Charles E. Kubly Access Project provides mental health support to pediatricians across Wisconsin.

Fun Fact:

Billie says the most influential person in her life is her late husband Mike. “He practiced medicine the way I think it should be practiced. Patient-centered, always available and generous in spirit and time,” she says.