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Alumni National Awards



ZapataDr. Jasmine Y. Zapata, H Sci ’09
Fitchburg, Wis.

Jasmine wears a lot of hats -- physician, researcher, author, youth empowerment specialist, motivational speaker and singer -- and she loves them all.

Officially, Jasmine is board certified in pediatrics and preventive medicine and public health at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Outside of the hospital, she is the founder of the Beyond Beautiful International Girls Empowerment Movement and the Madam Dreamers Online Pre-med Academy. She also co-founded the Madison Inspirational Youth Choir and authored four books.

It all keeps her busy, but she wouldn’t change any of it. “Honestly, there are so many things I love about the work I do. I love working with children and families and being present for life coming into the world. I love teaching medical students and residents about public health. I love being able to do community-based research,” she says. Like her talents, the list is long and varied.

Through it all, Jasmine is driven by her faith. “It helps me take risks and do innovative things. I feel comfortable taking risks because I know I'm walking in my purpose and have a calling in my life. Without that, none of this would be possible,” she says.

For Jasmine, this award validates her path and recognizes the meaning behind the work she is doing. “It gives me determination to keep pushing and aiming for even greater things, and I thank Marquette for that,” she says. As a biomedical sciences major, Jasmine was also valedictorian and senior speaker for her graduating class.

Fun Fact:

Jasmine’s book, Beyond Beautiful: A Girl's Guide to Unlocking the Power of Inner Beauty, Self Esteem, Resilience and Courage, has been turned into a curriculum adopted by three school districts in Wisconsin.